You might be asking yourself why you would want to make use of such a service, you have a fax machine already?

Think about this:

1. How much is your fax machine costing you in toner and/or ink every month?

2. How much paper do you waste on printing out faxes that you never really wanted?

3. How much are you paying every couple of months to have your fax machine serviced?

4. How much does your fax line rental cost you every month?

5. How much does it cost you to send out faxes?

Now add up those 3 amounts, and you will have a value of what you’ll be saving just by signing up for a free fax to email account.

What is a fax to email account?

It’s simple. You register with us, providing us with your name and email address. We then provide you with a telephone number that will then become your fax number. From then on, if anyone faxes to the given number, the fax will be put neatly into an email and sent off to you. You will then receive it in your inbox as if it is an email. Just open the attachment and see if you want to print out this fax or not. And if you want, you can even forward it (still as an email) to someone else.

And this will probably cost a fortune?

WRONG. It’s FREE. You receive faxes absolutely FREE.

If you want to send out faxes using this same service, it will however cost you, but it’s a minimal cost if you compare what you normally pay for faxing. Up to 20% on local numbers and 20-30% on international numbers.

Still not convinced? Read a whole list of advantages here